About Us

The Cowboy Church of Ellis County was founded in January 2000 as an outreach to team ropers, barrel racers, working cowboys, and others who love western culture and enjoy rural life. More than 300 attended the first service, many of whom rarely or never attended church.

The novelty of a new kind of church directed at cowboys attracted them, but the warm accepting atmosphere kept them coming back. Finally, here was a place where they could come “just as they were” and hear what God might have to say to them. For many, it was a life changing experience that put them squarely on the path of loving and pursuing God.

Cowboy Church has grown larger and more diverse since those early days. With more than 1700 in regular attendance, you are just as likely to encounter a biker, teacher, or police officer as you are a cowboy. However, some things have not changed. Despite its size, Cowboy Church maintains its rural western atmosphere and it continues to be a place where people come as they are, but leave changed.